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   If you have a project and you do not know, how it to realise, on our service it is possible to find suitable partners for joint realisation of your project or for reception of the order for its performance


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Our stock exchange is created in 2010 agrees To the complex program of development and support of small business In the city of moscow. it works under the direction of employees of the moscow city centre of innovations and high technologies (mivt-center)Which provide not only technical support of a portal, but also in details process all information arriving to us on a site, as a result forming ready business projects, contacts between customers and heads of projects, and also representing possibility to solve personnel questions both for the employer, and for the competitor by placing of your vacancies and the resume in our base.

, Customers Are very simple: it is necessary to fill correctly all fields of the form then your information is automatically added in our base, preliminary having passed through the moderator. we pay your attention that contact information It is necessary to bring the real data on which with you it is possible to communicate in columnotherwise the further work with you extremely will be at a loss.

, .. It is free. we are interested in that you have found partners which will help to begin the business or to expand already existing.
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In the russian federation have successfully tested the rocket of new generation
Today, on may, 29th, in russia there was a day of serious tests.
Rice has confirmed readiness of the usa to discuss the questions concerning
Russia on monday has addressed to kingdom of the netherlands which is contracts on usual armed forces in europe,with the request to organise in vienna on june, 12-15th emergency conference for discussion of future this contract.
Harry kasparov has held meeting for journalists
The majority of participants "the march not consent" have started to gather in the centre of voronezh about lenin's area where action carrying out was initially supposed.
Injured with act of terrorism in beslan women have left court
One of them is going to achieve the in the court, the second - to be present on the planned actions on a memorial cemetery of a city of beslan.

Family sports rest

1 year

Leonov natalia vasilevna

40000 c.u.

11 Apr 2010



Building of large country (farmer) economy

From 1 till 1,5 years

Mihal jurevich


10 Apr 2010



World innovations! manufacture of drinks in the modernised container.

Realisation-7mesjatsev; a recoupment-9 of months.

Vihorev d.v.

2,35 million $

19 Feb 2010


Highly effective the filter of clearing of engine oils.

From 1,5 till 2 years


3,5 million dollars

25 Jan 2010


Not .

Bocharov nikolay viktorovich

Not .

09 Nov 2010


Is not defined

We invite students in a team on working out of innovative projects in the field of the semantic analysis of the data and contextual modelling of processes.




Welcome to our portal will correspond to the purposes and problems of your establishment